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tv   KTVU Mornings on 2 at 430am  FOX  October 10, 2016 4:30am-5:01am PDT

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today his his birthday. welcome back to mornings on 2. thank you for joining us on this monday, october 10, i am dave clark. good morning, i am pam cook. one of the greatest voices in rock 'n roll, recognizable. and one of the greatest in weather, steve paulson. >> if they believe roth is watching, he is probably going to bed -- if david lee roth is watching, he is probably going to bed about now. it will be warm, but not the case by tonight, low clouds in the vicinity for the game, going 60 degrees at gametime. matthew is long gone, and moving out of the picture. however, hurricane matthew
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washed up civil war era cannonballs on the south carolina be. -- beach. back home, temperatures cooler, 74 in the city, 64 in livermore, and the trend continuing to go down all the way into friday. we are looking for temperatures to stay on the cool side with low clouds and fog, a big change at the end of the week, and a lot more coming up in about 10 minutes.>> do you really think that david lee roth is still staying up until three? a lot of these guys go to bed early now. the rockers would watches early morning. let's jump into the traffic.
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monday is painful, so let's take a look at the solano county commute. westbound 80 moving along pretty well from vacaville, to fairfield, to vallejo. it is weird to think of david lee roth taking fiber supplements, be honest. no major problems, young forever in my mind. let's move along and take a look at the bay bridge toll plaza, westbound looking pretty good. no problems on the morning commute, and hopefully it will be a decent monday, we can only hope. everything looking good on 280. if you're trying to get out of the house early, you have little bit of a window, and it is 4:32 am. and san francisco the vote is still underwater in the bay, and a four-year-old boy is in the hospital after the boat capsized over the weekend, and the question is whether those
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responsible will face charges. we have the latest on the investigation.>> reporter: the scene on the water was shocking, dozens of people struggling to stay afloat around the sinking boat.>> a 7 foot cabin cruiser was on the bay with 30 people on board and the vessel capsized.>> reporter: eight people, including three children taken to the hospital, and all of them were released except for a four-year-old boy pulled out of the water unconscious and in medical condition. >> hypothermia sets in very quickly, and the potential of injury during the process. >> reporter: the fire officials say that the boy is in stable condition and improving. the police are interviewing people that were on board.>> everybody on board was said to be in invited guests, friend or family member of the owners.
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>> reporter: and they say they suspect that the boat was crowded. >> probably too many people on the boat. and it was top heavy and could have tipped over, but that is only speculation. >> reporter: more marine cruiser out making passes in the bay and inspecting the boats. >> you could stop the vessel and board it if you suspect any violations. >> reporter: they did not want to speculate on the potential charges that could be brought against the boat owner or driver, but they will have to determine whether someone was negligent regarding the safety of the passengers. they remind you that if you invite people out on your vessel and go out on the water, you are responsible for everyone's safety. the police in santa rosa looking for driver that seriously injured and 84-year-
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old woman in a hit-and-run over the weekend. she was walking on pacifica avenue near the first presbyterian church when she was hit, and several witnesses stopped to help the woman, rushed to the hospital with head trauma and a fractured spine. it is a late 90s or early 2000 white sedan, similar to a toyota corolla. anyone with information is asked to call the santa rosa police. the police in santa rosa looking for the witnesses to an attack that put an 18-year-old man in the hospital with several stab wounds. the man was skateboarding with friends saturday afternoon when he left his friends to go find the water fountain, he was attacked by four men. the men ran and have not been found, and the victim is expected to survive. it is 4:35 am. hurricane matthew is now blamed for 19 deaths across
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four states in the u. s., not a hurricane anymore, downgraded to a post-tropical cyclone as it moves out to sea, but still causing major problems along the southeastern seaboard. powerful wind is still slamming into north carolina and other parts of the region, devastating floods continuing for the next several days. >> it was horrific. the wind was blowing very hard, and it was so dark you could not see anything.>> i had water, i lost my television.>> matthew has caused major damage to 1 million homes and businesses in florida, georgia and the carolinas, an estimated 2 million homes still have no power. haiti is still struggling to recover from a direct hit from hurricane matthew about a week
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ago, the 145 mile an hour winds and torrential rain blamed for 900 deaths, and the disaster response crews have not even made it to some of the hardest hit areas, and there are concerns that the death toll will go much higher as the hurricane leveled entire cities, destroying thousands of homes and businesses, already one of the poorest nations in the world.>> pope francis is urging people all of the world to pray for the victims of hurricane matthew, especially the hundred set of lost their lives in haiti, and the pope made the plea during his regular sunday mass in st. peter's square in vatican city. the giants need to win tonight, madison bumgarner on the mound, last wednesday hit a four hit shutout against the mets, and tonight he will face the cy young award of -- winner
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jake.>> you cannot go out there and try to get by because chances are it will not work out. you have to find a way, and go out there and compete.>> game 3 is at 6:30 pm at the fox news station, and if the giants win tonight, game 4 will be tomorrow at at&t park as well. at the top of the afc west, beating the san diego chargers, 34-31, and featuring the first touchdown catch of the season, watch this. he is gone with a 64 yard, bringing the raiders within a point, and the chargers coming back to extend the lead, and with just over a minute left in the third, the raiders went for, and derrick car looking for michael crabtree and gets a 21 yard touchdown, and the
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raiders got the two-point conversion and went on to win. the raiders will now host the kansas city chiefs next sunday. the raiders biggest ever nongame day come this morning on the eastern side of the sierra, the state capitol in nevada. >> a proposal will be presented before the special session of the nevada legislature to lure the raiders to las vegas.>> reporter: for the oakland raiders fans, all eyes are on carson city, the nevada capitol with the legislature is considering putting public money into the greater stadium complex. the total tab would be $1.9 billion coming from three sources. the state is considering upping the hotel tax in clarke county to raise $750 million. and sheldon adelson,
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billionaire, raising $650 million, and a half-million dollars coming from the nfl and the raiders. the raiders would ask the nfl for permission to land in las vegas. we went to the legendary raiders watering hole and san leandro, and most are resigned to the move. >> i am 100% in agreement with the raiders going to nevada. i would move to nevada if they moved to las vegas. i think we need a new stadium, it is time and long overdue. oakland is not going to give us what we need, and they will not give the oakland a's what they need. it is time for us to get something more established.>> my reaction is that i love you raiders, stay in oakland if you can, but if you go to las vegas, i will travel to las vegas to do a little bit of gambling and watch the games,
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no problem. >> i will go wherever they go.>> reporter: but the devil is in the details, and this is such a complex deal that it is not at all guaranteed that it would go through. >> i think the raiders should stay in oakland, they were the oakland raiders and started here, and i think they were doing great here. i think they should be here. >> reporter: there are nevada opponents to the raiders moved to say that stadium deals never deliver what they promise in jobs or in increased economic activity.>> the raiders have some the most dedicated fans. i hope they stay here. it is 4:41 am. samsung has more problems, new reports about halting production after more fires are reported after the massive recall. the police in germany detaining a man at the center of the major manhunt, the
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attack he is suspected of planning, and what they found while raiding his apartment. looking at a commute where traffic okay on highway 4 and we will tell you more about the east bay commute when we come back. after a warm weekend temperatures dropping today can we will talk about that and game 3.
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welcome back to mornings on 2. it is for 40 4 am. marking the jewish holiday by demanding landed the middle east for palestinians, and most in the group say they are jewish. they started with chanting and prayers at the ferry building and marching to the jewish
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community federation in san francisco, and many in the group say they are protesting the 50 year celebration of the holy date while palestinians suffering under the government. a shooter, also shot and killed is said to be a 39-year- old palestinian man that lived in east jerusalem, and there are reports he was scheduled to begin a prison term next week for assaulting a police officer. the shooting happened near the israeli police headquarters. after the suspect fled the police on a chase, several others hurt, the latest in a string of palestinian assaults that has killed 34 israelis, and two americans in about one year. the german police have detained a 22-year-old syrian man, the focus of a nationwide
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search. they believe he was planning a bomb attack. several explosives were found hidden in his apartment, and he was arrested, and the man could be linked to islamic extremist groups. in our country, thousands of train passengers heading to new york city this morning are dealing with major delays after the weekend train derailment saturday night on long island. investigators say that the passenger train smashed into the maintenance car, three train cars derailed, 26 hurt, seven real workers also injured. they described chaos and panic.>> everybody was screaming and going nuts. >> i was scared, traumatized and in shock. >> i was trying to figure out what happened and i saw a man working that was trapped in the rubble, and he was penned.>>
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worker still removing the debris from the tracks delaying many trains bound for new york city. federal investigators are on the scene trying to figure out what caused the accident. in the new york area rail service resumed at the new jersey transit station that was badly damaged during the deadly train crash. several trains reopened at the hoboken terminal almost 2 weeks after the crash. the train was going twice the speed limit when it smashed into the train station killing a woman on the platform, injuring over 100. they have not yet determined the cause of that crash. it is 4:47 am. keeping an eye out on the traffic this monday morning.>> right now traffic moving along fine, but we do have people out there already. let's take a look at the tracy super commuters, people on 205 and 580 coming in from the tracy area, driving into the
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altamont pass. not the worst i've seen, but there is already slow traffic. driving through the main part of livermore, it looks good with no problems on basketball road. -- basket of bill -- basket cool road -- always let me know if you are commuter if the signal light is acting up, and when it is safe to do to so, send me a tweet. if you get a chance to pull over and do that i would appreciate that. moving along to the san mateo bridge, no major problems driving over to the peninsula, and the bay bridge toll plaza is still light on this monday, so those getting ahead of the crowd are not facing any unusual slowdowns. it is 4:48 am. how many people are actually watching us before they go to bed? maybe one or 2%?>> a good
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question and i don't know the answer but probably more than we think. let's get to the game 3 forecast, a low cloud deck coming back, and smooth sailing with clear skies and warm during the day, but that change will come with low clouds. nothing we have not dealt with before. low clouds on the way back, and the beginning of a change in our pattern, with southwest 15, and picking up, and 40s in north bay appears to be the coolest, and we will find some 40s and 60s, and scotts valley with higher elevations in the low 60s. low clouds making a good mark >> with the system working its way in, and that means temperatures are coming down,
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60s and 70s, near 80 and slightly above average inland, but for other locations a big change coming with a cooler pattern, and that will bring rain in on friday, often on through the weekend with another system on sunday. it looks like everybody will get in on this. >> a pretty good ran. >> our first good ran -- rain of the season. it is for 50 a.m. it is for 50 a.m. -- 4:50 am the august 911 call, what the driver discovered in the grill of this car in the wake of hurricane matthew. it is that time of year again, the big event happening this morning that has pumpkin gathering at half moon bay.
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gas prices have gone up about four cents per gallon in the last week, and that is after oakland said it would limit the oil production. aaa said the national averages $2.26 per gallon for regular unleaded, and in california it is $2.79 gallon and higher in the bay area with them cisco at $2.93 a gallon.
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-- san francisco at $2.93 gallon, and san francisco prices are the highest in the country. the event that many pumpkin lovers wait for, the pumpkin way off -- weigh off in half moon bay, and weighing in at 7:00 this morning for the 46 the year. last year the pumpkin weighed 1968 pounds and the top pumpkin will be on display this weekend at the art and pumpkin festival. a new thriller makes it out in top of the movie theaters. the new film, then "the girl on the train" and it is based on
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the best-selling novel about an alcoholic woman that becomes entangled in another woman's mysterious disappearance. coming up in second place, "home for peculiar children". it is 4:55 am. the trump taj mahal casino in atlantic city, new jersey is now closed, ending operations early this morning, and donald trump opened it 26 years ago, but the casino help to reach the deal with the union employees to restore health care and pension benefits that were taken away in bankruptcy court. this is the fifth casino in atlantic city that closed since 2014, 11,000 jobs lost in the last two years. you may not be the only one thinking about the presidential election,
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hollywood stars are talking about it as well, and posting online interview segments, "between two firms" and he says that this election cycle has reached an all-time low.>> it is frustrating that the candidates have to stoop so low, and not enough negative toward the candidates, but it is a popularity contest.>> calling on boaters to look at the issues at hand rather than just the political party. coming up at 5:00, the presidential election is around the corner, and we have more about the big debate, and the reason many are calling it hard to watch. and the mayor of richmond expressing his communities after races acted hate crime. -- after a suspected hate
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crime. traffic looking pretty good into the city driving from oakland to san francisco. a big pattern change for some with all back in a look at game 3 tonight. plan on a cooler forecast, low clouds at 60 degrees.
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hillary clinton and donald truck in full attack mode, -- donald trump in full attack mode, many viewers watching it say it was uncomfortable as mornings on 2 continues. welcome back to mornings on 2 and good morning if you are just joining us on this monday, october 10, i am pam cook. and i am dave clark, let's check the weather, and i hope you know where the umbrella is.>> at the end of the week, not today. the fog is back, so you may need a jacket along the coast, and not much of a
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breeze yet, but it will pick up over the next couple of days along with low clouds and sick instantly cooler temperatures. 60 degrees with the west wind at 20 miles an hour with partly cloudy skies. today down 10 for many or even more for some, and the city drop in temperatures from 74 to 64, livermore 82 today from 92. not much of a delta breeze as we keep an eye on this, 40s and 50s, coldest temperatures in the north bay by far with winter and sevastopol in novato, napa, all 40s. low clouds and fog on the way in what could be many systems working the way into the west, 60s, 70s and low 80s. good morning. looking at a commute into san francisco that is not too bad right now. we have a small


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